Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Goth Challenge! Day 1 - How did you come across the subculture?

First of all, I would like to thank Juliet's Lace for giving me something to write about on my - urmm, "naked" - blog. So I decided this is what I was going to do this month! Excuses for joining a bit late... :/

Being the babybat I still am, I have come across the subculture quite a long time ago - in grade 3, when I was 8 years old - but I have not really found out what it actually meant until... Not so long ago...

So when I was about 8, I started wanting darker clothes... I think I always had, but I just really started to focus on this objective at that time. I had an older cousin who dressed in black and liked Green Day, but she was more into the punk style. I guess I found out what it was by admiring her. So one day, my aunt came to visit us and gave me an Emily Strange shirt, that I immeadiately fell in love with! I checked the website one day and was mesmerized by the clothes one could wear! It became a sort of obssession to me.

The more I explored, the more I found. So I gradually evolved into the Gothling I am thanks to research and my mother's money! ^,..,^

I admit I DID go through a mallgoth phase. I still own my bondage pants and I completely eliminated anything that wasn't black and red from my closet. I had black lipstick and would wear it on many special occasions. Today, I sigh at these pictures and wish they were never taken... But enough of the mallgoth days, that will be the topic of the next post!

All this to say, Emily Strange was my idol! It is all thanks to her that I am the dark-clad teen I am today! Thanks Rob Reger and Buzz Parker! ^,..,^

This is little 10-year-old me!
I was 8 at the time... You may see that I
already started wearing the most black and red I could!

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