Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Goth Challenge! Day 4 - Name a stereotype or cliche you can relate to

Another topic with many answers! During my mallgoth years, I was very stereotypical as a "Gawf". Some of many are these:

- My favorite holiday has ALWAYS been Halloween! Not only because I liked the eerie feel about All Hallow's Eve night, but also because I was one to have a sweet tooth! My father's birthday is good ol' October 31st so I enjoyed decorating for his birthday over the years, then keeping the props for my own room all year 'round!

- Yes, I went through that "I am not being seen by anyone - not even the mirror - without wearing black!" phase... As people who are not very informed on the liberty of the subculture believe one is to dress completely in black from head to toe to be considered "Goth". I later noticed I was wrong... Oh so very wrong...

- I was never the athletic one... I am not a couch potato (come on guys!) but I don't enjoy sports very much. I am more of the studious type. I am in a gifted class at my school and I am disappointed when I get lower than 80s on tests/exams. I absolutely LOVE reading, writing and drawing! I was always the quiet shy one... Yes, the loner.

- I was never a rebel at school because my mother is a teacher and I was too afraid of getting in trouble, not only from the principal but from my mom! But I was always the tomboy one: always hanging around with guys, never with girls... Until they all became jerks and jocks, so then I found out I had a more feminine side! Here come the skirts and dresses. Finally I realize what Goth truly is!

- I wasn't afraid to speak my mind and express my likes/dislikes publically... Why else would I still be dressing like this? But unlike those stereotypical movie/book mallgoths, I am not rude (exceptions towards people who enrage me) and I do not look for trouble everywhere. I am quite polite, and even surprisingly mature for my age!

- I have always LOVED horror movies! Sometimes my father would go on trips with his buddies for the weekend and my mom would rent some good ol' horror movies for a girls night! I remember those good times!

- Before Twilight became annoyingly popular among mainstream girlies, I used to love vampires! You know, the ones that AREN'T afraid to be who they are and actually drench themselves in human blood? Not to mention those ones who don't glitter like the tooth fairy... Bring on the Dracula, Carmilla, Lestat, etc... I love the classics, but now all the authors have overdone it and used up all the killer cred that vampires had. Today, if you speak of vampires, no one will think of the blood-sucking, human-killing monsters of the night... Instead they will daydream about the glistening pixie that is Edward Cullen... -.-

- Yes, my favorite animal has always been the bat... Ok, and the wolf... They are just sooo adorable! ^,..,^

All that and many more! As you may see, I relied much on the stereotypical Goth when I was younger... I was never surrounded by any TRUE Goths to show me how it's done!

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