Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Goth Challenge! Days 14 to 18

First of all, I got my bangs cut! Here's a picture I took with my phone's crappy camera in my mom's bathroom:

Excuses for being in my pyjamas...
Back to where we were...

Day 14 - What was your best and worst DIY disaster?

Hmm... I don't have any pictures of my WORST disasters because they just ended up in the garbage or cut up to use for better projects, but I can say that I accidentally cut the whole sleeve opened one time... It was accidental... But I just used the burgundy fabric for more projects.

Now for the better ones:

This was a show-off picture for my friends

Yes, I am a gargoyle ^,..,^
I am the one in the red...
The black shirt was the DIY

Day 15 - Your favourite or most expensive item in your wardrobe.

Oh wow! This will be a hard choice! I personally think my Demonia boots are the most expensive things I have but I am not quite sure. As for my favourite item, I could never choose! Each item has their turn being my favourite at some point!

Day 16 - What's the most casual you've ever dressed?

Casual eh? Well if I am to stay at home for the length of the entire day, I WILL stay in pyjamas all day! But when I was only a budding Babybat (ok, I still am), I would only wear a black tshirt and black pants because it was all my little 9-year-old self had. I still dress like that when I have to go to work, because my Gothic attire would not be acceptable while serving food... Bummer! :/

Day 17 - Your favourite Goth brand.

It depends for what. I don't really have a favourite Goth brand in general since I do a lot of DIY with my clothes. When it comes to footwear, I like Demonia and New Rocks; when it comes to clothes, I enjoy Poizen Industries or Living Dead Souls or even Emily Strange! I like these brands for clothes that I could not achieve myself by simple DIY.

Day 18 - Worst hair experience.

Ouch! I've had plenty of those! Since I have thick curly hair, I have always found it hard to work with. I straighten my hair everyday because I cannot deal with the curly poofy mutation atop my head.  One day, a hair stylist decided to chop most of my hair off and give me a short, square bob... With curly hair, you can imagine how ugly it looked. She hadn't even cut it straight or anything. So the next day, we had to go to a PROFESSIONAL hair stylist for a fix-up! It was awful. I did not want to be seen in public like that. I wore tiny pigtails until my hair grew out. I will always remember that... Thank goodness for straighteners!

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Where do you work at?

I love the gargoyle picture ^_^ Yay for DIY clothing and PJs